Success Story

Established in 2016 and wholly owned by Bumiputera, Color Blast Sdn. Bhd. traces its roots to 2012, when Mrs. Sofia Adnan introduced the idea that would propel the company to prominence. Originally a dropshipping venture, with the support of Mr. Hafiz Rahmattullah, it has since grown into a distinguished Muslim garment manufacturer known for its vibrant, high-quality attire tailored to modern Muslim adults, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style.

In less than one year, 60Sec helped Colorblast accumulate:


Tiktok/IG Influencers


organic video views


organic likes

The Challenge

Colorblast, a burgeoning fashion brand, faced several challenges that needed immediate attention. Their main concerns were:

  1. Site Visit: They wanted to drive more foot traffic to their offline shop located in a competitive fashion district.
  2. Streamlining Operations: The brand needed to optimize its internal operations and improve overall efficiency.
  3. User-Generated Content (UGC): Colorblast aimed to create a buzz around their products by encouraging customers to generate engaging UGC that highlighted their fashion collections.


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The Goal

Colorblast set out with two primary objectives:

  1. Shop Promotion: Increase in-store visits to boost sales and brand awareness.
  2.  Site Visit: Enhance their online presence and connect with a wider audience.

The Solution

To address Colorblast’s challenges and achieve their goals, 60Sec devised a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy:

  1. 60Sec Platform with Influencer Network: We leveraged our extensive network of fashion influencers who favored the Colorblast brand and products. These influencers had a proven track record of creating engaging content that resonated with fashion enthusiasts.
  2. Engaging Influencers for Site Visit: We carefully selected and collaborated with 20 influencers from our network to visit the Colorblast offline shop. These influencers were not only fashion-forward but also experts in creating captivating content for their audience.
  3. Compensation Model: To ensure the influencers were motivated and the partnership was mutually beneficial, we offered RM 30 for each TikTok video created during their site visit, along with product gifts worth RM 100.
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The Result

The partnership between Colorblast and 60Sec yielded outstanding results:

  1. 20 Influencers for Site Visit: The selected influencers made in-store visits and created engaging content that showcased Colorblast’s fashion products. These visits generated a significant buzz, attracting fashion enthusiasts to the shop.
  2. Compensation Model Success: The RM 30 per TikTok video and the product gifts worth RM 100 were highly appreciated by the influencers. This resulted in a remarkable output of compelling content that showcased the brand’s products in a positive light.

Overall Impact:

  • Colorblast witnessed a substantial increase in foot traffic to their offline shop.
  • The influencer-created content helped in brand promotion and increased their online presence.
  • The fashion influencers’ endorsement of Colorblast products significantly boosted their credibility and trustworthiness.
  • The brand benefited from a wave of engaging UGC, further enhancing their reputation in the fashion industry.


The Colorblast and 60Sec partnership is a testament to the power of influencer marketing. By connecting with a network of dedicated fashion influencers and compensating them fairly for their efforts, Colorblast achieved its goals of boosting in-store visits, promoting the brand, and enhancing its online presence. This case study demonstrates how a well-planned influencer marketing strategy can drive real results and make a significant impact on a brand’s success in the fashion industry.

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