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60SEC easy-to-use influencer marketing platform ensures seamless campaign management, guiding you on every step of the way to create and launch influencer campaigns for your business needs

1. Create Campaign

Discover creators who align perfectly with your brand’s values and ethos, even in the most unexpected corners of the digital landscape

influencer marketing platform

2. Receive Requests From Nano Influences

Simplify your influencer search. Our platform intelligently filters nano-influencers to find your best match, eliminating the need for sifting through an extensive list

3. Content Creation

Maximize the value of every image and post. 60SEC efficiently organizes all your creator content, making it easy to discover, monitor, and repurpose every valuable piece

influencer marketing platform

4. Influencer Payout

Ensure prompt payments for creators, manage your expenses, and stay compliant with the help of a suite of payment tools available within 60Sec

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