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We work with some of the top F&B brands and have seen tons of successful influencer campaigns along the way. Here are a few of their strategies proven to be effective.

Share the experiences

A campaign in food industry required influencers to develop creative and healthy recipes using their products. Influencers were encouraged to showcase the versatility of the snacks and beverages, sharing their personal stories and experiences with the brand.

F&B Influencer Marketing

Promoting limited time discount

To create a sense of urgency and incentivize conversions, the brand offered exclusive discounts through influencer partnerships. Each influencer received a unique promo code to share with their followers, which provided a discount on brand products during a specific time period.

UGC Campaign

The brand launched a UGC campaign by creating a branded hashtag and encouraging influencers and their followers to share their own snack creations using the products. The best UGC was featured on the brand social media channels and website, generating excitement and engagement among the community.

F&B Influencer Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

A food influencer is any online content creator who specializes in food and has a significant and dedicated social audience.

Restaurant influencers are social media users who have built a following via their content on food, eating, and restaurant business. Collaboration with these influencers may assist restaurants in leveraging their reach and influence to attract new customers and grow their company.

Because online platforms have a wider reach, the restaurant is held responsible for maintaining its quality and consistency. As people begin to discuss their meal experiences, a larger number of prospective customers become aware of your restaurant. Including online ordering in your business will have a big effect.

Through their content, food influencers and bloggers have a tremendous impact on people’s food choices. They may affect their followers’ choices and inspire them to try new foods or beverages by offering eye-catching photographs, engaging videos, and informative reviews of the foods.

Food content and vlogging serve as channels for the audience to get to know many kinds of food as well as an ongoing source of income if monetized. Many foodies have shared their content and vlogging experiences, as well as strategies to monetize their passion for food, which is why many young people get attracted to it.