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Custom influencer marketing solution

60sec team of experts is here to support you, whether you need a little help or want us to handle everything for you, so you can get the results you’re aiming for.

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Customize your solution to suit your specific needs with our Flexible Services.

If you require assistance with a particular campaign, we’ll happily step in and oversee it from beginning to end.

We carefully select creators that match your brand’s style, and we handle all outreach efforts to ensure a smooth and positive beginning for your partnership.

Let us handle the nitty-gritty of creator management, so you can concentrate on your bigger strategic goals.

influencer marketing

Allow our team to take care of all aspects with our comprehensive End-to-End Services.

Our dedicated team of experts will manage your entire program. Just share your goals with us, and we’ll keep you posted on the milestone in achieving them.

Why Choose Us

Ensure your program’s success with experienced professionals who have a proven track record

Obtain professional advice effortlessly

Additional professional assistance when necessary.

Adaptable choices designed to suit your requirements

Fueled by the top-tier 60SEC software, crafted to cater to your current and future requirements

“I have been a 60Sec customer for over 3 years now and have had an great experience.  60Sec Professional Services exactly what my team needed to take our program to the next level. As a part of our custom offering, 60Sec’s team will support us in both developing program strategy and in its execution.”

— Vincent Low, Director of TNL HAI SHEN


Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer management is like the conductor of an orchestra, making sure all the parts play in harmony. It involves finding the right influencers, working out partnerships, setting campaign goals, and tracking how well everything’s going. In simple terms, it’s about handling all the nitty-gritty details that make influencer marketing work smoothly for a brand or organization.

Juggling the management of over 100 creators can be a full-time commitment, often exceeding 80 hours a week. But, with our Professional Services, you can hand off as much of that workload as suits your needs to our team of creator management experts. Whether you’re looking for help with specific issues or want us to take the reins for your entire program, we’ve got you covered.

An influencer management agency is a professional service that specializes in overseeing and coordinating influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of brands or organizations. These agencies identify suitable influencers, negotiate collaborations, set campaign objectives, track performance, and handle various aspects of influencer marketing initiatives. Their primary goal is to efficiently and effectively manage all the details and interactions required for a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Opting for an influencer marketing agency is a solid choice for brands comfortable with delegating their creator management program. However, with 60SEC Professional Services, brands can keep their influencer marketing in-house and access expert support as needed. If you do decide to go for complete end-to-end program management, 60SEC Professional Services is here to assist with that as well.

Consider hiring an influencer marketing agency when you lack expertise, resources, or time to effectively manage and scale influencer campaigns for better results.

we craft a customized solution to precisely match your business needs. Leveraging our advanced technology, extensive influencer network, and over a decade of industry experience, we not only expedite your campaign execution but also make the most of your resources, achieving outstanding results.