Success Story

NARQES Holdings Sdn Bhd is a trailblazer in the wellness and skincare sector, led by CEO Datuk Radziq Jalaludin and COO Datin Narqes Raimi. Since its inception in 2016, the company has rapidly expanded from a single aesthetic center in Ampang to a network of 23 branches throughout Malaysia, satisfying over 30,000 customers. With a GMP-certified cosmetic factory producing top-tier skincare products, NARQES has ventured into a post-natal confinement center and developed premium skincare lines. Their commitment to quality and halal-certified products speaks to their global ambitions, making them a driving force in redefining the wellness landscape, and they invite you to experience the embodiment of radiant beauty, vitality, and success.

In less than one year, 60Sec helped Narqes accumulate:


Instagram Influencers


organic video/feed views


organic likes

The Challenge

Narqes, a dynamic retail brand with multiple outlets, faced several complex challenges that required immediate attention:

  1. Multiple Outlets: Managing numerous outlets efficiently, each with its unique requirements and customer base, was a daunting task.
  2. Scaling Manpower (HR): To maintain consistent service quality across all locations and manage growth, Narqes needed to scale their workforce effectively.
  3. Managing Over 20 Accounts: Narqes operated a significant number of social media accounts across various platforms. Keeping these accounts updated and engaging was a resource-intensive task.
  4. Streamlining Operations: Narqes required a streamlined operational strategy to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers and to foster brand loyalty.

The Goal

To address their challenges, Narqes outlined several key objectives:

  1. Operation Streamlining: Streamline their retail operations across all outlets to provide a consistent and top-notch customer experience.
  2. Efficient HR Management: Optimize their HR processes to handle staff recruitment, training, and performance management across multiple outlets.
  3. Social Media Presence: Maintain an active and engaging presence on over 20 social media accounts to promote the brand, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

The Solution

Narqes partnered with 60Sec, and together we implemented a holistic solution to meet their goals:

  1. Multi-Outlet Management: We helped Narqes establish standardized operational procedures across all outlets, ensuring a consistent and high-quality shopping experience for customers.
  2. HR Optimization: Our HR experts collaborated with Narqes to design a scalable and efficient HR management system, simplifying recruitment, training, and performance evaluation.
  3. Social Media Management: 60Sec’s team of social media experts took charge of managing Narqes’ numerous social media accounts, ensuring regular updates, engaging content, and a strong online presence.

The Result

The collaboration between Narqes and 60Sec brought about remarkable outcomes:

  1. 20 Influencers Site Visits: 60Sec identified and partnered with 20 influential individuals, who visited Narqes’ outlets and created captivating content, showcasing the brand’s products and the exceptional in-store experience.
  2. Average RM 350 per Video: The influencers, motivated by a compensation model offering an average of RM 350 per video, produced high-quality content that resonated with their followers and increased brand visibility.

Overall Impact:

  • Narqes streamlined operations across all outlets, leading to a consistent and excellent customer experience.
  • The optimized HR management system allowed Narqes to efficiently scale their workforce and enhance staff performance.
  • The management of over 20 social media accounts brought in increased engagement, brand promotion, and new customer acquisition.
  • The influencer marketing campaign bolstered Narqes’ brand awareness and further solidified its position in the market.


Narqes’ partnership with 60Sec demonstrates how a comprehensive approach to addressing challenges in multi-outlet retail can lead to significant success. By focusing on operational consistency, efficient HR management, and maintaining a strong online presence, Narqes achieved its goals. The collaboration with influencers added an extra layer of brand visibility, further solidifying Narqes’ place in the competitive retail market. This case study showcases the transformative potential of strategic brand management in the modern business landscape.