Success Story

 La Flor, a brand dedicated to redefining your hair care experience. With a brand-new product focused on shampoo and hair care, La Flor has set its sights on the online realm. Stay tuned for a fresh, convenient way to elevate your hair care routine, all from the comfort of your home.

In less than one year, 60Sec helped La Flor accumulate:


IG Nano Influencers


organic video/feed views


organic likes

The Challenge

La Flor embarked on a new venture by launching a brand on Instagram and Shopee. The challenge was twofold: establishing a credible presence on these platforms and promoting a new product effectively.

The Goal

The primary objective was to build credibility and trust on Shopee and Instagram, ensuring that the brand’s presence would be well-received by its target audience.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, La Flor adopted a strategic approach that hinged on a 60Sec platform with nano-influencers. This approach was supported by several key features to ensure progress and results:

The brand collaborated with a network of nano-influencers, individuals with smaller but highly engaged followers. These influencers possessed a deep connection with their audience, making them invaluable for promoting the brand.

The Result

La Flor’s strategy involved collaborating with over 120 nano-influencers, who promoted their products effectively. Nano-influencers created impactful video reviews and carousels, costing an average of RM 30, offering a cost-effective marketing approach.

The campaign tracked website traffic, engagement, and sales data to measure its impact. Positive reviews on Shopee built trust, while user-generated content on Instagram increased engagement and community.

Nano-influencers used diverse formats like videos, carousels, and feed posts, ensuring La Flor’s message reached a wide audience.


La Flor successfully addressed the challenge of establishing credibility on Shopee and Instagram by collaborating with nano-influencers through a 60Sec platform. The results were impressive, with over 120 nano-influencers, cost-effective reviews, and a wealth of data to inform future strategies. This case study demonstrates the power of leveraging nano-influencers in a digital marketing strategy, effectively building trust and credibility for the brand’s new product launch.