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60Sec offers various type of video templates so you can scale social media securely across your business.

What can you do with influencers in 60sec?

For businesses in today's rapidly evolving digital world, building a solid connection with your audience is essential.

The Ultimate Checklist for Influencer: 10 Steps to Success

In the current digital era, a lot of people aspire to be successful influencers.

The Rise of Nano-Influencers: Why Small Audiences Matter in Marketing

The emergence of nano-influencers is a new trend in the significant field of social media marketing, which has been dominated by influencers with countless followers.

The Future of Influencer Marketing: Trends in Beauty & Personal Care

Influencer marketing has evolved as an important trend in the ever-changing world of marketing, especially within the realms of beauty and personal care.

The Characteristics of Malaysia’s Great Food Influencers in F&B Marketing

Influencers have become crucial to Malaysia's diverse and booming food and beverage industry.

Revolutionise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy: The Power of Lifestyle Integration

Ready to elevate your influencer marketing? We will take you on a well-known journey where lifestyle integration can change your influencer marketing strategy.